Since 1972 we have collectively bred 21 litters.  With these limited and selective breedings we are proud of our many accomplishments.  We show here only some of the many Dorratz dogs we are proud to have owned and/or bred. 

Being a reputable breeder comes with a tremendous responsibility. This means that every breeding is of tremendous importance to us and is, therefore, well researched prior to commencement. Health, genetics, and temperament are paramount in our decisions because we recognize that all of our dogs are first and foremost, your companion.

We are very conscious of our breed’s standard and diligent in its interpretation. Our continual research and education on genetics, veterinarian sciences, K-9 and human behaviour and breeding gives us the opportunity to constantly strive to breed the highest quality show, companion and performance vizsla. Our dogs have consistently proven themselves to be exemplary of the breed standard, very well tempered, genetically sound, and proficient in all competitive venues.

All of our dogs are AKC registered and OFA approved prior to breeding. We take pride in the dogs that we have produced and look forward to continuing that tradition for years to come.

From our very first vizsla Trinka to our newest additions we have always strived to give each and every puppy a happy, full, exciting life befitting the versatility of the breed.