• Vizslas Tracking

    Making Tracking History

    Siring the first and only Vizsla AKC and VCA Champion Tracker

  • Obedience

    Multiple Obedience Trial Champions

    Home of multiple Obedience Trial Champions (OTCH). Including VCA Obedience Dog of the Year, with multiple dogs earning invites to the AKC National Obedience Invitational.

  • Dorratz Vizslas

    Hunt Tests & Field Trials

    Preserving the natural hunting instincts of the Vizsla. Our dogs successfully compete in Hunt Tests & Field Trials

  • Agility

    Agility Champions

    Excelling at the exciting sport of canine agility, with multiple dogs earning the MACH and qualifying for the AKC National Agility Championship

  • Dorratz Viszlas

    Breeding the Versatile Vizsla since 1970

    Our main goal as breeders is to produce litters of the highest quality for conformation, performance and companionship.

  • Confirmation

    Conformation – Continuing Our Goal

    Continuing our goal to produce Best in Specialty Show, Sweepstakes, Awards of Merit & Sporting Group winners

  • Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame

    We are honored to be the breeders of Toby, CH Dorratz Double Trouble UD, MH, NA, VC, TDI, ROM, HOF, who was elected to the Vizsla Club of America Hall of Fame in 2004.

Dorratz Vizslas

Dedicated to Breeding

The breeders, Doris Ratzlaff and Donna DeFillipis, have been involved with Vizslas since 1970.

Dorratz Vizslas

Since 1970 we have collectively bred 24 litters

With these limited and selective breedings we are proud of our many accomplishments

Dorratz Vizslas

Our Upcoming Litters

Please check our puppies page for details of our upcoming litters

Our main goal as breeders is to produce litters of the highest quality

The Vizslas thrives as part of an active family that provides daily exercise

It is lively and affectionate to its people, and possesses an above-average ability to take training.
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